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Hot Topics

Dog's / Pick-up / Leash law - There has been growing complaints over dogs in the neighborhood. There are a number of reports of dog owners not picking up after their pet. Also, there are a number of owners who are not keeping their pets on a leash at all times. DOG OWNERS - Please respect your neighbors property. Pick up all animal waste. The city of Shakapee requires that dogs are kept on a leash at all times when not on the owners property. It is not appropriate to allow your dog to roam freely in the neighborhood. Homeowners are encouraged to contact the Shakopee Police Department to report any violations.

ATV's, Mini Bikes, Other motorized vehicles - There has been a growing concern (especially during the warmer months) with the use of ATV's and other small motorized vehicles in the neighborhood (excluding power-wheels).  It is important that everyone understands that the use of these vehicles on city streets and sidewalks is prohibited.  If you or your children own any of these vehicles, please refrain from riding them within the neighborhood and find a more approriate location where these activities are not only safer, but legal.  Ideally, we would like to resolve this issue without getting local law enforcement involved.

Mailbox Damage - With the recent large snowfalls, there have been some reports of damaged mailboxes. If you mailbox was physically hit by a snowplow, please contact the City of Shakopee to make a claim. However, if the mailbox was knocked over by the snow being plowed, the city will not assist in repair. It is then the responsibility of the homeowners with damaged mailboxes to repair or replace them at their own expense. As with all lot improvements and additions, the mailboxes need to be repaired or replaced in their original design to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the neighborhood. There have been questions on whether or not the association should cover the cost of these repairs. Unfortunately, Centex did not add mailboxes to the list of 'common' items that the association is responsible for in the bylaws and there is no money in the current budget to support the expense that would be incurred. Because of this, any current damage is the responsibility of the individual homeowners affected by the damage. In 2011, The board will review and consider options on making an amendment to the bylaws to cover future damage, however this would require additional expense and a likely increase in dues. Also, any changes to bylaws will also require a large percentage of homeowners to be present to vote and approve those changes. Unfortunately there has been little involvement by member homeowners in the past, which prevents the Board from being able to make any such changes.

Snowmobiles - If you own snowmobiles, please be aware of Shakopee's restrictions on their use in residential areas.  Specifically, snowmobiles may only be operated on the residential street itself, assuming you are traveling to or from a designated snowmobile trail.  This means that operating them on the sidewalk or along the easement of residential properties is prohibited.  Please respect your neighbors property and safety by keeping your snowmobiles out of yards and in the street.  Homeowners are encouraged to contact the Shakopee Police Department to report any violations.